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Aby (Fahadh Faasil), who had just lost his job in Dubai, lands in a village with Priya (Aishwarya Lekshmi), his wife. The young couple moves to Priya’s ancestral property, a farmhouse in the hills, a terrain that’s in part alluring and part eerie. Priya who has a modern lifestyle becomes a target of a particularly unrefined culture of the village. Her husband is considered as a Varathan (outsider) by the villagers and viewed with less significance. One day, some nearby youths who had been disturbing her, attacks and violates her. Her husband initially thought of complaining to the police. However, his wife Priya mocks him for being a coward. A teenager who was having an affair with the sister of one of the youths who violated Priya runs into Aby’s house for protection. Aby takes a firm position and decides to hit back. He defends the family, and the youths who intended to kill the teenager, are drawn into a deadly game of Aby’s passive anger, violence, and ferocity. The second half turns hostility’s twin side with suspense in the air