Dulquer Salmaan is an Indian film actor and businessman who works in Malayalam cinema. He is the son of the critically and commercially acclaimed actor Mammootty. He made his acting debut in 2012, in the Malayalam film Second Show. He earned critical acclaim for his performance in Ustad Hotel (2012).

It was director Shyamaprasad who first offered him a role in the film Ritu, after famous Tamil director N. Linguswamy also offered him a role in his debut Malayalam film. But these were rejected by Salmaan because he felt he had to study the various aspects of cinema in detail before venturing further and for that did a short term course in film.[1] In 2011, Salmaan signed his friend Srinath Rajendran’s debut project Second Show in which he played the role of a gangster. The film was made by a team of youngsters, all eager to explore the medium. Salman felt he would be more comfortable working with such a team than acting under any of those experienced directors. In fact, Salman’s mediocre launch surprised many even within the industry. When this question was thrown at Mammootty, he said, “I never got a premiere launch in cinema. During those struggling days, I was known as Mammootty, the son of Paanaparambil Ismail. It was only later that my father came to be known through me. Now, Dulquer is known as Mammootty’s son. If I am destined to be known as his father, let it be so.”[1] The film Second Show released on February 3, 2012 with a good response from the audience and became a hit and run successfully for more than 75 days across Kerala. His second film was Ustad Hotel with director Anwar Rasheed is one of the major hit in malayalam film industry in the year 2012 which run for more than 100 days. His third film is Theevram with director Roopesh Peethambaran which is going to release in end of 2012.

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